F.M.T Global FZC

F.M.T Global FZC would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves. We manufacture and supply high quality Special products to our clients meets their objective. We aspire to maximize our patron’s asset performance, optimizing associated expenditure and ensuring asset and operational integrity over the total asset life cycle, with decreasing time windows of ROI. Our company is a one-stop source for supplying special products.

  • Manufacturer of Specialized Customized tool manufacturing /regrinding
  • Producer of Hydrodynamic bearing & repair and Engineered sealing system
  • Thermocouple cable, Special Cables and Sensors.
  • Full range of Machining and fabrication services (Standard & Customized)
  • Specialized in E&I works- Customized explosion proof panels, Process Skid Packages for the Oil & Petrochemical field.


FMTG starts manufacturing and supply of different varieties of cutting tools and special tools.

  • Focus mainly on tool manufacturing.
  • We do tool regrinding as well.
  • Brazed tools and tipped tools are our special jobs
  • We design and build our own tools geometry for different applications on aluminum, steels ,mild steel, Inconel, duplex, composite, wood etc.

Our tool manufacturing include

  • Solid Carbide
  • HSS / Cobalt
  • Special Tools
  • CBN / PCD
  • PINS / Preforms / Punch and Die
  • Hot Tapping Cutters and Pilot Drills


FMTG specialist in supply of Hydro Dynamic Bearings(Babbit Bearings) repair and manufacturing service available. Our personnel guarantee is that your rebuilt bearings will be as good as and often better that the original.


FMTG cable brand established by FMT Global . Our manufacturing facility in India develops high quality temperature cables and sensors.

Our range of products include:

  • FMTG thermocouple grade extension & compensating cables
  • FMTG Heat tracing Cable
  • FMTG ptfe insulated wires & cables
  • FMTG ptfe insulated shielded & screen instrumentation cables
  • FMTG fiber glass insulated heavy duty cables.
  • FMTG temperature sensors
  • FMTG high temperature ceramic sheathed platinum thermocouple up to (1800deg ).
  • FMTG sheathed thermocouple -(1200 deg)
  • FMTG mineral insulated thermocouple


We provide full range of Machining and fabrication services to the Oil, Gas, Mining, and other process Industries throughout GCC, FMTG has the engineering capacity to answer any customer needs and promising the best possible quality and short lead time in accordance with international standards .Typical requirements include, all size parts, complex fabrication and machining, assembly of finished product.

FMTG is committed to customer service and timely delivery and is equipped with advanced machinery and skilled workforce to handle complex and large projects.


We are leading Supplier of Customized Explosion proof and flame proof enclosures at  competitive  price  and with a very high degree of quality.

Our products portfolio includes

  • Custom Made specialized in E&I works
  • Customized Explosion proof and flame proof enclosures.
  • Process skid packages for the oil & petrochemical field.
  • Lighting fixtures.
  • Enclosures.
  • Selectors and control stations.
  • Sockets and plugs.
  • Cable glands.
  • Unions.
  • Conduits.