About Us

We are manufacturers of High Temperature cables & Sensors and supply highly sophisticated solutions for explosion-proof electrical equipment, power conditioning systems and solar energy solution for power, smelters, oil, fertilizer, petroleum, paper, steel, cement, synthetic fibers, chemical industry, etc.



FMTG cable brand established by FMT Global . Our manufacturing facility in India develops  high quality temperature cables and sensors for all types of applications and meeting the most severe standards. We design and manufacture these products according to the customer’s individual needs in order to make sure that they accomplish company-specific norms. We are fast and can easily manufacture according to customer specifications and special requirements.

Our range of products include:

  • FMTG thermocouple grade extension & compensating cables
  • FMTG ptfe insulated wires & cables
  • FMTG ptfe insulated shielded & screen instrumentation cables
  • FMTG fiber glass insulated heavy duty cables.
  • FMTG temperature sensors
  • FMTG high temperature ceramic sheathed platinum thermocouple up to (1800deg )
  • FMTG sheathed thermocouple -(1200 deg)
  • FMTG mineral insulated thermocouple


Special cables

Special cables are made according to customer requirements or in accordance with project specifications. F.M.T Global FZC supplier  a comprehensive range of cables for every requirement in compliance with national and international standards.

  • Marine & offshore cables
  • Thermocouple cables
  • Coaxial cables
  • Defense cables
  • Foundation fieldbus cables
  • Network cables
  • Instrumentation cables.

 Explosion-proof electrical equipment

We  provide  full-package solution of explosion-proof electrical equipments. Products are suitable for installation in potentially explosive and fire-hazardous atmospheres such as refineries, power plants, and chemical and petrochemical industry buildings. They include:

  • Process skid packages for the oil & petrochemical field
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Enclosures
  • Selectors and control stations
  • Sockets and plugs
  • Cable glands
  • Unions
  • Conduits.

Power conditioning systems

We provide  wide range of professional products designed for a variety of situations in refineries, power plants, and chemical and petrochemical industry buildings fields are available to optimize your high-end work. They include:

  • Industrial u.p.s. up to 1600 KVA
  • Frequency converters
  • V.R (stabilizers) up to 2000 KVA
  • Ferro saturated stabilizers
  • Electronic line conditioners
  • Solar and wind inverters up to 250 kw
  • Wind generators up to 20 kw
  • Charge regulators
  • Power supplies and battery chargers
  • Converters for emergency lighting
  • Cathodic protection power supplies
  • Dc/dc converters
  • Transformers etc.