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FMTG cable brand established by FMT global . Our manufacturing facility in India developing high quality temperature cable and sensors for all types of applications and meeting the most severe standards.

Category : Thermo Couple Cable, PTFE Insulated Wires and Cables
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Product Description

FMTG cable brand established by FMT global . Our manufacturing facility in India developing  high quality temperature cable and sensors for all types of applications and meeting the most severe standards. We design and manufacture these products according to the customer’s individual needs in order to make sure that they accomplish company-specific norms. We are fast and can easily manufacture according to customer specifications and special requirements.

Our range of products include:

  • FMTG thermocouple grade extension & compensating cables
  • FMTG PTFE insulated wires & cables
  • FMTG PTFE insulated shielded & screen instrumentation cables
  • FMTG fiber glass insulated heavy duty cables.
  • FMTG RTD Cable & Sensors
  • FMTG temperature sensors
  • FMTG high temperature ceramic sheathed platinum thermocouple up to (1800deg )
  • FMTG sheathed thermocouple -(1200 deg)
  • FMTG mineral insulated thermocouple